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First of all, this site is dictionary equivalent to “under construction”. We will be launching our full featured site very soon but meantime here are few facts about us.

Kiitama is dedicated in producing the best possible content for film and television. Our creative minds have come up with landmark shows such as “Kotikatu” (YLE TV1), which is longest running television show ever created in Finland with over 580 episodes. We’ve also created many other successful formats for broadcasters in Finland and abroad. Our television shows and feature films have both gathered national and international recognition.

What sets us apart from the rest is our northern exposure. Our own studios are located in a small village called Heikkilä in the heart of Kuusamo. So, say no to night life and hello to wild life. We can accommodate anything from simple commercial shoot to demanding feature films. Don’t be shy, if its the great outdoors and Lapland you want then drop us a line. We’ll hook you up with gear and crew, take you to places you can’t even believe exists and pamper you like crazy. We’re sort of good at that too;) If you really want, we can pull off some insanely demanding projects and when we say demanding we truly mean it. Anyway, enough chitchat, be sure to visit us again soon as our full site launches.
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